Kaz Matsui, is he the reason for the Rockies lack of Cohesion this season?


Thumbnail image for world series ball.jpg Think back, it was right about this same time last  year when the Rockies  had that horrible losing streak while they were on the road. Strange how this season thus far… kind of mirrors last season.

The ninth inning rally last night against the Tigers was both exciting and admirable, sadly it turned out to be a last inning teaser as we gave the game back to them. Sunday afternoons loss finished off  a depressing and (other than last night) uninteresting three game sweep by Detroit. Rockies have lost seven of their last eight games.  

I’m not sure what I’m looking for when I watch the Rockies play now. In my opinon the core players on this team are Matt Holliday (Do Not Trade Him Rockies!!!!) and Todd Helton who most likely will retire here. Most of the remaining players rotate games and positions so often thats it’s not hard to see why it may be difficult for certain players to become consistant. I am by no means a coach,  this is just how “I” see things from my outfield seats and from watching the games unfold on television.

There is so much diverse talent on this team..Young baseball players with great attitudes(Baker, Barmes, Ianetta, Smith, Podsednik). I can’t for the life of me figure out what is wrong with this group. Some blame it on the injuries to critical players. “Could that be the reason”? Partially I think,  but most of the injured Rockies players are healthy. Tulowitzki, Holliday, Atkins, and  Barmes.have  been off the DL for a few weeks now and the Rockies win ratio is gradually getting worse instead of improving..with no help from this recent road trip.

 After talking with a bunch of Rockies fans (ok…five of them and a few of them may have been  slightly disgruntled), the group consensus was generally one of these two things:



 1. Get Kaz Matsui back??

Anyone remember Kaz Matsui? He fit in here nicely with the Rockies last year..Not so good in NY the few previoius years..but anyways…Why did the Rockies have to trade him? He had a winning smile, athletic play and those stories about Japan he used to tell in the dugout..What about the unemployed translator he left back in Denver..Was Kaz Matsui 185 lbs of Rockies glue?

 Could his loss be the reason of our lack of cohesion this season? Who the hell knows…


Interesting note about Kaz Matsui..

He was the first MLB Japanese player to ever hit a grand slam in the post season…Domo arigato Kaz !! 




 2. Payback/Karma can be bitch.

      World Series ticket story


The other disgruntled fans train of thought is that this seasons dismal performance is karmic justice for the way the Rockies upper Managment handled the World Series ticket distribution fiasco last season..All I can figure on this idea is I don’t really agree with it….but I live twenty minutes away and had to watch the World Series on TV. Hmmm…Naaa

None of this talk  dampens my spirit in the least..It’s the hunt I love…I’m an autograph collecting Major League ballhawk. Win or lose there is always a chance of me getting an autograph or snagging a BP baseball. I am team loyal. Meaning you will never see me change my colors to get an opposing team to throw me a ball. (I have no problem with people that do that..it’s just not my thing).

Tulosignauto.jpgI try to bring a little piece of every game home with me. Sometimes it is a cool promotional gift that the Rockies handed out or maybe it’s snagging a baseball at batting practice. On a really good day it might be getting an autograph or getting a chance to take pictures of my kids playing kickball out on Coors Field…Each little piece of the game takes me back to that day…Memories..in the end..they are really all you have..and nothing can ever take them away from you…well except maybe Alzheimers..but I’ll deal wth that roadblock when the VW bus of life takes me there….D


                                                  Monday Night 6/30/08 

padreslogo.jpg rockieslogosm.jpg 





Looking forward to the game against the Padres tomorrow evening. Being there in person is always better than television. I’ll be there with my bro Berned..his treat…Thanks B…Rockies..LISTEN TO ME…I want all wins going into the All Star Break, Wins I tell you !…We win at home !..Send the Message, Spread the word….You know I am !…Go Rockies…..D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

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