Rockies collapse as Francis has a relapse


Thumbnail image for JeffFrancis_2007_008.jpgI really enjoy putting this blog together, but writing about losses takes a little more time and thought.

I have to be careful how I world things. I don’t want to seem negative…I want to tell the story, with feeling not agression. With that said…..

Everyone knows that Jeff has a stellar year last year.

He is also an all around great guy, but  is really struggling this year.

 If he were any  pitcher other than himself, with what his ERA this season..he probably would be in Colorado Springs doing time with the Sky Sox. Get it together now Jeff, we believe in you…

Nuff said on that.

 Matt Holiday is continuing show  fans why he is All Star material. His two run homer in the fifth driving in Baker gave Colorado fans a little hope, but that would be all for the Rockies as they lose this one to the Royals 8-4.

jeff baker.jpg


 Congratulations to Jeff Baker for being chosen NL Player of the week.

 This guy is really hitting right now and is really trying hard to find a spot for himself on this ever changing Rockies lineup.

clint barmes 1.jpg



 Welcome back Clint Barmes from AAA Colorado Springs…expect big things from Clint. This guy is a future All Star…Go Rockies…D

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