Fun day at Rockies autograph Sunday




 gotta hate it when you forget your camera, sorry for the lack of Coors Field pictures. 

Today was Autograph Sunday and the Rockies and Mets were actually out having batting practice.

Too cool.



At the Rockpile gates the Ushers were handing out white Rockies baseball hats as the  promotional gift.  They were pretty cool hats.  

Mylee BP ball 6-22.JPGHunter, Mylee and I arrived at the bleachers first. Rockies first base coach, Glenallen Hill was picking up a grounder that had rolled to the rail. Hunter asked if he could please have the ball, and Hill tossed it right up to him.

 A fringe benefit of getting there early.

Hunter BP ball 6-22.JPGAs we were moving toward left field, two of the Ushers invited Mylee down to the first row (we didn’t have the killer 1st row tickets today), to pick up a ball that had been hit earlier. It was just sitting under a chair. I love the Rockies Ushers,they have always been kind to us. 

 Just then I saw Robert Harmon walking along the first row and I had to congratulate him on his awesome catch during Saturdays game. Minutes later, I was standing about six rows back leaning on one of the tunnel railings and I saw Torealba hit a BP homer toward me, I tracked it perfectly,  leaned out about 3 feet into the tunnel and snagged it.

Baseballa 6-22.JPGCheck out the picture of the ball I caught. It says “MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALLA” and the two L’s are bigger..I’ve never seen that before?? 

That was it, we each had our ball so we headed over to get in line behind the ropes to be able to get in line to get autographs.

We found out that Jeff Francis, Ryan Spilborghs, Chris Iannetta and Taylor Buchholz were signing. That is the best lineup for Autograph Sunday I have seen this year.


I RyanSpillb1.JPG wanted to get Jeff Francis, but I wanted Spillys autograph more. So we opted for Spilborghs. We managed to get in his line about thirty people back and watched as the other three players came out sat down and started signing.

 We wondered..”where’s Spilly”?

 Finally after five minutes, we saw him over by home plate signing for a smaller group there.

When he finished with them, he walked over to a Mets coach and talked to him for another six minutes.

 Meanwhile, a line of 200 of his fans stood baking in the hot sun.

I’m not mad at all, but that was a little inconsiderate.

No biggie man.

   Rockies fans are tough bunch..We can handle a little high altitude sunburn.


Spilly Autographed Ball 6-22.JPG




Thanks for the autographs man !

A picture of the Colorado Rockies baseball Ryan signed for me. 





Spilly Auto.JPG



A shot of the Rockies promotional hats they gave away today.

These are what Hunter and Mylee had autographed.

There was no chance of getting any other players autographs because by the time we got the first signature,  the lines were crazy long.

The Rockies lost today.

 Positive note… Reynolds only gave up six hits in seven innings with one walk and two strikeouts. Torealba had the only run with a sweet homer in the seventh. Tulo’s defense looked warmingly familiar..Good Job Tulo !…..

Final Score today Mets 3 Rockies 1.

The Mets win this series and deny the Rockies their sixth straight series win….My next game June in hand…Go Rockies…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG


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