Rockies have spoken and my streak is broken

me 6-17-08.jpg 


I arrived thirty five minutes before batting practice started and I’m the first one in line at the gate.

     SWEET !





Bleachers 6-17.JPG


 There is a peaceful feeling you get when your the first one into an empty Stadium.

The first thing you notice is how quiet it is. You can actually hear the players talking.  

My senses came alive as I was the first one into the Pavilion. Ryan Speier 1-17.JPG



I ran down to the field while nobody was around and snapped this picture of Ryan Speier.

After I took this picture I looked to my right and saw Zack Hample all ready rolling. Zack 6-17.JPG



 I had two balls hit into the bleachers where I was lurking.

The first ball I was racing against another guy to get it,  and when it took a bounce it landed in the Row one where Zack was snaggin. 

He ran over and  and scooped it up.  



Zack 6-17-2.JPG


 Ball # 2  had only me chasing after it. 

 The ball hit the bleachers and took a hearty bounce right over to where Zack was and he gloved it perfectly.

 I had a few more close calls..but had to leave Coors field empty handed with my streak broken. zack 6-17-3.JPG


 My only two chances today snagged by the Baseball Collector.

I’m ok with that ..

Good Job Zack.

Nice to see you in action.

What happened in the tunnel?? 




Better Seats 6-17.JPG



 I improved my distant  seats and enjoyed most of the game from right here.

 No foul ball action whatsoever.

But I snapped a few cool pictures as you can see below. TH6-17-2.JPG Reynolds 6-17.JPG TH6-17.JPG

HD 6-17.JPGThis was a great game. Reynolds allowed only one run in five innings. Baker hits a two run inside the park homer..WOW.Hawpe joined the fun and he also hit a two run homer. 

A total of seventeen hits this game..that’s the most this year. Rockies scalp the Indians tonight 10-2.

 I’ll take a win over a batting practice ball anyday…Rumor has it Tulo will be back on Friday…I’ll be back Thursday…

fat tire beer.jpgEric thanks for the beer brotha. 

Jeff Francis is the starting pitcher for Wednesday’s game..

Good Luck Jeff, lets go for two in a row.

                                     Go Rockies…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

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