First in the Door and we take home Four

me gate 6-10-08.jpg



What a great day.

Hunter, I and Joe my father in law,  went to the game today.

Rockies vs the Giants.

We arrived early and were first in line again. Hunter and Joe.JPG



 It was a hot one today.

Ninety+ degrees and the sun blaring.

 That didn’t stop us from being the first into the Pavilion.

 As soon as we entered the bleachers an Usher threw Hunter a ball.

Fifteen minutes after Hunter got his first ball Atkins hit a ball almost exactly where I was standing.

It landed a bit short of me but bounced  into my aisle and landed at my feet.

 I couldn’t have planned that any better. 

Minutes later, Hunter was standing in left field by the rail and I saw another ball heading for him. The teenager standing beside Hunter let it roll through his glove and it dropped into the handicapped area. Dan picked it up and looked at the three kids and gave it to Hunter.

 I asked him later if he knew it was Hunter he gave it to and he said “no”..thanks again Dan. 

That made three.

I had to leave batting practice a little early to get Hunter over to his team so they could do their lap around Coors Field. That took me about twenty minutes. After he was set up I headed back to batting practice which to my surprise was still going on.

 I was standing by my father in law and we saw a ball heading about thirty feet from where I was standing. I couldn’t get to it without running over some fans who were starting to pile in at this point. I let two guys wrestle for it and they both bobbled it. The ball landed one row above me. A quick leap and I was in the next row possessing that baseball.

 You gotta be quick and the more I do this the quicker I get. 

That made a total of two for Hunter and two for me. Both of Hunter’s baseballs had a practice stamp on them. Mine didn’t.  Hball.JPG



We’ve decided that all the balls we use for  autographs will be ones we snag at batting practice.

If they’re not good enough for a nice autograph I give mine away.  my2b.JPG


 Lets count now,  that makes four games in a row I’ve snagged a ball.

 Not bad for an old man. I’m learning how to master these bleachers.

 Nice size batting practice crowd today too. Hunters Team.JPG





Hunters baseball team ” The Scorpions” in green 

2-1 this season.

Go Scorpions !!! Hunter Waving.JPG

            That’s my boy. I found out later that he was wearing his protective cup.  

He was the only kid on the whole field who wore his cup. That my friends…is dedication. 

Words can’t describe the feeling of watching him walk on Coors Field, but proud would be a serious understatement. 

Rockies win this one 10-5 over the Giants.

This game was actually over in the second inning but it didn’t matter. It was a beautiful evening for baseball!. A total of four balls snagged between Hunter and I.

                     Welcome back Matt Holliday….Todd Helton (the King) nice homer.

                                                       Go Rockies….D

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