Day 2: Broncos Fan Fair


Day two was a hell of a lot better than day one. The head start we got this morning made all the difference.

The kids stood in line for a few autographs and then spent the rest of the day on the field playing and running through the sprinklers.

As I said in my last entry, I don’t like to get beat. Yesterday got to me. We were a lot better prepared today. We got up at 7am, headed out and managed to get a good spot in line beside the grass so the kids could run and relax .

 We got to Invesco Field about 9:20 and it was already starting to fill in with broncomaniacs.

                       Let me tell you Bronco fans are serious about Fan Fair.Spot in Line.JPG

kids 2.JPGkidsFF.JPG

Ned and Krista.JPG

slowpoke.JPGI wanted to give credit to this fine Invesco Field employee. Thanks to his speedy efforts it took us an additional five minutes to get through the gates when there were only ten people in front of us. 

He couldn’t figure out how to use his scanner. Don’t they have a training class or something?

 Once we got through the gates we went back to the North Stands to stand in line the same place we were yesterday.

We were about a hundred people back from where the players were sitting and signing under the canopy.

The first group of players arrived twenty minutes late. This seemed to be a player trend for the day.

getting closer.JPG

Just before we got up to the canopy, a Security Guard asked if we would like him to take a picture of us in front of the autograph table.

                       That was really cool of him. That’s my football in the background.HandMe.JPG 

ballgetting signed.JPGThe  five Broncos who are  signing  my ball Right to Left: Wesley Woodyard, Dewayne Robertson, Peyton Hillis, Jedd Fisch (Wide Receivers Coach), Bob Slowik (Defensive Coordinator).

Autograph 4-7.JPG
  From there we moved onto the next line. We stayed in this line until they swapped out players and we wound up standing in line for the same players we just got autographs from.

                                      Oh well, time to switch out and try another line.
Next Line.JPG  The autograph rules.They were pretty strict here. We found another line to stand in and realized again that it was of the same players who had just signed for us.

Auto Rules.JPG But we learn quick, so we just continued to wait in line and by the time we got up to the table there was a new round of players signing. 
All four.JPG                           The next group of Broncos to sign my football are left to right:

                                        This is Anthony Alridge (Running Back).  

dk.JPG                                                  Brett Kern (Punter).
Brett Kern.JPG                                      Jacob Burney (Defensive Line Coach).

Coach Dont know.JPG                                                          Montrae Hollandmontrae HOlland.JPG

 Next we headed over to the Alumni autograph line and boy did we get lucky. Two former Broncos were there. Steve Sewell and Mark Jackson. While we were waiting in line Lelo Lang showed up. Wow, three former broncos and cool ones to boot.

                                 Steve Sewell signed first 1985-91 Running Back.

Steve Sewell.JPG Then Mark Jackson (one of the Three Amigos), signed my football.Broncos 1986-1992.

Wide Receiver.
Mark Jackson.JPG And finally Le-lo Lang gave my football some attention.

1990-93, Defensive Back.
Lelo Lang.JPG  We decided to take a little break.Here’s a shot of me and Berned showing off our footballs. 

ned ball.JPGOk, I’m up for one more round of waiting in line. We stood in line another 40 minutes and managed to get these three fellas autographs

                   First is Dewayne Chandler (Asst. Strength and Conditioning).
Dewayne Chandler.JPG                                           Next up is Brett Pierce (tight end). 
next bunch.JPG
                     And finally the last autograph of the day, Roderick Rogers.
Roderick Rogers.JPGHere’s pictures of everything we managed to get autographed over the entire two-day stand-and-wait. ball 1.JPG

ball 4.JPG

b1.JPG b2.JPG b3.JPG                               Thats a wrap from Denver Broncos Fan Fair.

I could probably pass on this next year but Krista is a huge Broncos fan and she lets me attend a lot of other sporting events..aka, baseball games đŸ™‚

              Thanks to Berned for hanging with us and making the day more fun...

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