Day 1: Broncos Fan Fare

JUNE 7, 2008

 This is on of my pugs Elway. He was the 7th born in the litter. His mothers name is Bronco. His father left him as a pup and shall remain nameless. The *******. 

        The following picture represents his opinion of Broncos Fan Fair Day one          


I have to be honest.

 Normally before any sporting event I attend there is a lot of preparation and planning involved.

Today there was none of that.

We arrived 11:05 at what I thought would be a decent time and this is what we encountered: The line from hell.




I had some time to ponder stuff while we were standing in line. Lets see.

Bronco fans will show up three hours early for a meaningless Pre-season game.

So for a chance to actually meet a player face to face…





It’s a good thing this is a two day event.

Today we will chalk up as a learning experience.

 We will arrive earlier tomorrow and wait in line.

 The problem with arriving late is once we got inside all we could see were lines of people. 

One line for photographs and one line for autographs.

The entire inside of the stadium was one big line..



FFline 3.JPG





This where we ended up getting in line for the autographs.

We heard that Champ Bailey and Jay Cutler were signing so we didn’t mind waiting, and waiting.








 and waiting











After 45 minutes we made it to the sign.

 Just past this sign was the tunnel to enter the stadium Thumbnail image for Line cont.JPG




Once through the tunnel the line continued.

Off in the distance we could see a canopy with a few players signing.

So we waited, and waitedcanopy 1.JPG some more.





Wait who is that I see in the distance..#24.

Champ Bailey and Erik Pears….but wait, they are getting up to leave.

NOOOOOkristanmylee.JPG!!! Gone.



 We snapped a few pictures of us trying to be patient in line.

Here is Krista and Mylee.

Hunter had a baseball game and couldn’t be here today.

He will be with us tomorrow me and Berned.JPG.

 Me and Berned.

He did a good job of making us laugh while we waited, and waited.

We were really curious to see who would be signing next since we missed Champ.

There were six chairs positioned under the canopy. After about 15 minutes we saw three more players come out.

The six chairs was just a tease..More fun stuff.

Thumbnail image for canopy2.JPG Getting closer. The problem is I don’t even know who these players are.

So at this point we have waited about two hours.

Ten minutes before we get to Champ Bailey he leaves and they swap out players.

Now we’re stuck with three  players I’ve never even heard of.

 I had to debate whether I even wanted these autographs on my football signing2.JPG.



The three players signing were:

# 76 Tyler Polumbus

# 74 Ryan Harris

# 19 Taylor Jacobs

Have you heard of them? LineDone.JPG    







Got the autographs.








Tyler Polumbus decided it was ok to leave bible quote on my football. Dammit. 

I’m not sure at this point how I feel about that.

 After this wonderful experience, we decided to call it a day and use our gained knowledge for a go at it tomorrow.

Today sucked.

 It’s always a challenge for me waiting in long lines.

 Today tested my patience to the maximum.

On top of it all I had the worst headache. Good thing nobody stepped on my shoe or it would have been on…kiddin.

 Today got me. I don’t like to be got. Tomorrow WILL be different.

 Berned will be with us again. He, Hunter and I will be getting autographs and Mylee and Krista will be checking out the other things happening on the field for the kids. IMG_0008.JPG  MeDone.JPGGot home, took some Advil, watched my Rockies whoop some Brewer butt to make it four in a row…

                                                        Go Rockies!!!!

            You got me today Broncos…but that was my fault…Tomorrow I control my destiny.

                                                  To be continued……D
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG 


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