Rockies come out ahead and Tulo signs in red

 gates 6-6-08.jpg6/6/08



 Well Friday finally got here and I hurried home from work, grabbed my backpack and headed out.

 I managed to arrive at the gate first in line, but I wasn’t first through the gates.

Damn backpack.










Thumbnail image for field.JPG






 I slid into my favorite spot and went into action.






warm up.JPG






There were a few players out in center field warming up.







The first ball I almost snagged was when the Rockies were batting. The ball was hit about four rows in front of me and I had the jump on it. Unfortunately I would have had to jump over a young boy to get it. The ball bounced, went left and I let the boy snag it.

Thumbnail image for tulobp.JPG




 Right after that I noticed that Tulowitzki had walked over to center field to catch some flys balls.






 After a bit, he strolled over to the wall and started signing autographs. I went over and tossed him a ball (after waiting in a line of 20 kids), that I had snagged at a previous batting practice.

Thumbnail image for Tuloball.JPG




He signed it in red marker and tossed it back.

 I’m not picky..Thank you Tulo !






The Brewers livened up batting practice and were hitting a lot more balls into the stands than the Rockies managed. I had a few more close calls but nothing went my way. Then as I was pulling out my camera, I heard the crack, looked up and noticed I had one coming right for me. Just like my other attempts today, I slightly misjudged the ball and it went over my head. I jumped up over four rows and hit the aisle, went up another three rows and lost it to a larger fella who only had to walk down four steps.

I was stunned.

 I knew I had that ball. Was I slipping? Did I lose my touch? I didn’t even have time to ponder those thoughts for long when another ball was heading right for my area again. This one was two rows in front and a middle aged guy tried to catch it with his hat. 

The ball went through his hat, and landed in my row and I fell on the ball…Gotcha 

Thumbnail image for practiceball.JPG




 Got my ball.

Got my autograph.

Now lets watch some Rockies kick some Brewers butt.












A shot of Dan snaggin.

He said he got a couple of balls.

Thumbnail image for seats-6-6.JPG





I like this view.









It also gave me a great shot of my favorite player Todd Helton.

Great game tonight. Nice double in the 8th.











 Ubaldo didn’t blow the game early for us.

 He only allowed three runs. 












Shot of Herges in the 7th .






We rallied in the 8th scoring five runs and Brian Fuentes did what he does and finished off the ninth. Rockies beat the Brewers tonight 6-4. The Rockies now have won three straight.

What a great game. Three games in a row now snagging a ball and Tulo’s autograph. Bronco’s Fan Fair tomorrow. Life is good right now.

Oh and last but certainly not least

               THE MOST OBNOXIOUS OPPOSING FAN AWARD  goes to this guy:



obnoxious fan.JPG           Actually he wasn’t that obnoxious, he just looked like a dork…Go Rockies…D
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