June Rockies games and Broncos Fan Fare


Just picked the Rockies games for June that I’ll be attending. Hopefully I picked good batting practice days. Here are the games I will be attending. I will do a full entry on each game.

June 6-Just me

June 7-8 Broncos Fan Fair-See Below

June 10 Hunter gets to walk on the field

June 16-Should get to meet Zack Hample.

June 17-Just me

June 19-Me, Hunter and Mylee-Floppy Hat Day (cant miss that)

June 22- Rockies Autograph day.

Broncoafc.jpg                 Krista and I at the Broncos AFC Championship game against the Steelers

                                   Heres a clip : AFC Champ.AVI

                  Heres another clip..you can feel the intensity: AFC Champ 2.AV

  I was offered over $800 a piece for those AFC Championship tickets and Krista wouldn’t sell. I begged her and she still wouldn’t sell.

 The Broncos played like they didn’t care and they got crushed by the Steelers. Right after the game was over Krista said “You know, we should have sold those tickets”. 

                             Next weekend we will be attending Broncos Fan Fair.fanfair.gifEvery player, coach, select Broncos Alumni and even the cheerleaders will be there. Autograph sessions, picture sessions, stuff for the kids to do. It will be our first time there and we are going both days. I’ll do an entry for each day. 

           Unfortunately I’ll miss Rockies autograph Sunday on the 8th..I hate that.

I’m really looking forward to this next homestand. Hopefully with the home crowd behind the Rockies it’ll spark something This last round of losses has been difficult.

                                                         Go Rockies…D
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