What the Hey…I Guess I’ll Stay


Wow, I was the featured Blog on MLBlogs.com for a couple days. What an honor. Pretty strange logging in to Mlblogs and seeing my mug on the front page. I was really starting to get discouraged from the lack of Rockie fan love(comments) on this blog.

MLBlogs thanks for noticing and giving me the inspiration to keep doing this. A pat on the back does wonders sometimes. I hope I can do MLBlogging proud.


tickinhand.jpgI’m heading to the Rockies game today and in my possession are some serious tickets.

 Section 144 ROW 1.

Look for me on TV. I’ll be wearing my trademark green hat and a big a-ss smile.. I’m on the third base side about thirty feet past that big tarp they use on the infield.

 I’m hoping a few more balls get hit foul along the third base this game than did last game. I had the same seats on Wednesday’s game and saw exactly one foul ball along the third base line in ten innings.

That really sucked. I was so excited about possibly snagging a game ball I could hardly focus on the game. Any other snaggers out there feel me on that one? I didn’t move out of my seat for the entire game.

I have the serious sunburn to prove it.

  Thumbnail image for HIt by pitch.jpgAt Wednesday’s game I saw an older fella about forty feet to the right of me get clocked by a foul ball crushed by Todd Helton in the side of his head.

(The picture is not of the old guy it’s just a prop used for dramatic effect) 

The staff helped him upstairs to administer first aid, Amazingly the dude was back about 15 minutes later, down but not out.

He’s tough, he must have been prior Army (shameless plug). 

Later the Ushers brought him the ball that clocked him with a fresh autograph from Todd Helton.

 Hard price to pay for an autographed ball, but what a story this guy has to tell his grandkids.

                    Hit me Todd, please ! (I’ve yet to get Helton’s autograph)

                                          Me sitting in Section 144 Row 1


 I’ll be at batting practice today. It’s been a really good day for me,..and I got a good feeling.

                                                       Go Rockies…D

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