Autograph Day Two…Like in Tulo


Hunter and I showed up early as usual for batting practice, but neither team was on the field and no practice cages were out.

Empty Field 1.jpg

As anyone who attends batting practice on a regulr basisknows, at that pointHotDog141.jpg you almost want to go home. It sounds silly, but seeing a game without first seeing batting practice is like eating a Rockies Dog with no bun.

Yea its a hot dog, but it just needs more.

                  Maybe it’s just me.

 On the bright side, Sundays are special at Coors Field. Yup, thats right because it’s Autograph day.

I really dig autograph day. To be honest, one of the things I didn’t have in the Army was a lot of patience. It’s something I’ve been working on and believe me trying to get autographs will teach you some patience.

Loooong lines. There’s lines to park, lines to buy your tickets, lines to get in early for batting practice, lines to take a whiz, lines to wait for the rope be released so you can run to get in line to wait to get your autograph and lines to leave the parking lot. 

Patience SIGN[1].JPGWell my newfound patience served me well on Sunday because an injured Troy Tulowitzki was rumored to be one of the players signing.

Hunter and I waited in a massive group of some Tulo hungry Rockies fans for that yellow chain to be dropped.

When it was finally lowered it was mob rules and Hunter and I were big and bad right in the middle of it.

It was awesome, we were both running and laughing. Shoot,…were both in good shape so we smoked most of them.

We managed to get in Tulo’s line and had about six people in front of us. Hunter got a batting practice ball signed (a dinged up MLB official ball), and I got my cheap World Series ball signed.

Tulo Ball

Tulo charges $25.00 for his autograph (then donates the money to charity), so I think it was cool that he was out there signing.

He was a class act.

 <—Left is a picture of the ball he  signed.

Thank you Tulo !!

That made the day worthwhile.

                Go Rockies…D

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